Widex BEYOND APP offers listener’s tremendous flexibility across all technology levels and is easy to use. Whether they desire more basic needs such as sound preference control which offers an easy visual allowing wearers to adjust their sound for more clarity or more comfort, while preserving the integrity of the speech signal, choosing directional focus, or an even more personalized selection with fine tuning sound across different frequencies with the Equalizer function, the BEYOND APP has it all!

The unique Sound Mixer Feature is first of its kind, allowing wearers to adjust the ratio of the streaming signal to their environment. This exciting option offers a great solution for scenarios such as improving the signal to noise ratio from the streamed sound in situations such as using an induction loop with MT program, or with any other streamed signal such as music, audio books or even Zen for tinnitus management.

For sound streaming with Android phones, refer to our DEX accessory options such as COM-DEX or UNI-DEX.

Availability Styles: 
  • All levels 440, 330, and 220 in the BEYOND Fusion 312 RIC style.

top features


Adjust volume on two hearing aids individually


Adjust the sound mix of the hearing aid to streaming level


Adjust and personalize sound quality for music or sound environments (low, mid and high frequency)


Select direction of microphones


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