When sound control is what your patient’s desire, EVOKE App offers the fullest featured and flexible app solution. 
  • Simple and intuitive preference control to quickly make changes for comfort or clarity in any setting.
  • Advanced streaming sound control for phone calls, music, GPS navigation, or even when accessing a loop at the theatre with the Sound Mixer. It’s like they’re on stage!
  • Creating, customizing and saving Personalized Programs is quick and easy for that weekly card game or meeting.
  • The Equalizer is a Musician or Engineer’s dream come true
  • Industry leading personalization SoundSense Learn powered by Real-Time Machine Learning
  • Automatic Updates
SoundSense learn truly allows for a solution when your patient is having difficulty hearing the way they want to hear in any situation, in the moment. Using real-time wearer input, SoundSense Learn generates a real-time solution. EVOKE App makes hearing easier and more enjoyable.

Available Styles: 
  • EVOKE RIC 312 D
  • EVOKE BTE 13 D 

top features

sound sense learn

Adjust sound preferences with simple A/B comparison

sound mixer & equalizer

Adjust and personalize sound quality for music and environments

volume r/l

Adjust the volume on two hearing aids individually

sound direction

Select direction of the microphones


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