Widex TV PLAY is a new TV streaming accessory that not only features elegant and discreet design but also excellent streaming performance. To ensure maximum streaming stability, Widex’s innovative dual antenna technology comes into the picture.

As technology advances, the hearing aids not only get smaller but also smarter and integrated into the modern connected lifestyle. Widex TV PLAY not only serves the purpose of direct streaming into the hearing aids, but raises the standard of providing more stable, and smooth streaming experiences, via the innovation of patent pending, dual antenna technology. 

In wireless communications, the electromagnetic wave travels through a particular polarity. If the receiver does not match the orientation, the level of the wireless signal could be impacted. This could cause interruption of your listening experience. 

The dual antenna of TV PLAY makes it able to send two signals simultaneously with different perpendicular polarities – one vertical and one horizontal. This makes the communications between TV PLAY and the hearing aid stronger and more stable. Additionally, these two antennas are designed to transmit data on different time slot. Which means, even if the hearing aid receiver missed the audio data packet from the first antenna for some reason, it can recover from the second transition from the other antenna.

As a result, the dual antenna technology has made it possible to provide maximum streaming stability and an outstanding listening experiences, even if the user wants to place the device behind the TV for a more discreet design.

WIDEX is in the process obtaining a patent for the dual antenna. At the moment the patent is pending.

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