Widex Real-Life Insights is the first ever data technology to bring you insights into the choices your clients make when they create a new personal program. So you get a stronger foundation for tailoring your fitting, counselling your clients, and building closer relationships. 
When your client comes for a consultation or a fine-tuning, they may struggle to remember the challenge they had in a specific situation and to describe it in the right words. Also, it can be very difficult for you to translate what they’re saying into something that will help you make the right adjustments.

The problem is that you can’t follow your client around while they’re going about their day. But we dare say that Real-Life Insights is the next best thing. Because Real-Life Insights gives you an opportunity to be there with your client – even when you’re not.

Introducing Real-Life Insights

Enabled by 2.4 GHz connectivity, Real-Life Insights is a technology that allows for data sharing between connected WIDEX EVOKE hearing aids and Compass GPS. With your client’s consent, the solution automatically shares data about the saved hearing aid programs from the smartphones to Compass GPS. The programs are either created by the client manually or by the Artificial Intelligence-based SoundSense Learn.

That way, you get insights into the specific hearing settings that your client has created, used and saved – including when they created them and what their listening intention was at the time. With all this information, you can provide more tailored hearing care to every individual client.

What the insights include

Real-Life Insights includes a number of personal programs created and used during a certain period, and each program’s:
  • Equaliser settings
  • L/R volume settings
  • Use of mute function
  • Environmental category specified
  • Frequency of program use and length of time each program was used
  • Information on whether the program was created manually or with SoundSense Learn

SoundSense Learn is the advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithm in WIDEX EVOKE hearing aids with direct connectivity. It guides users to personalise their hearing in the moment by using a simple A/B comparison, and to create hearing programs with their smartphones, in an easy and intuitive way.

Did you know?

SoundSense Learn has thousands of users and counting. A recent study shows that 80% of participants would recommend SoundSense Learn to others.

Sharing data is easy and safe

Getting the insights from the user’s smartphone to the hearing care professional’s software requires your client’s consent. In the WIDEX EVOKE app, users can easily give or decline consent to sharing their data and change their minds at any time.

Data is securely shared between the smartphone app and the fitting software.

Two new connected hearing aids offer Real-Life Insights

WIDEX EVOKE hearing aids with 2.4 GHz connectivity are the only hearing aids that can provide Real-Life Insights.
New WIDEX EVOKE BTE 13 D is a 2-in-1 hearing aid that fits a wide range of hearing loss and has been optimised for easy handling and for a longer streaming time.

Another new option is WIDEX EVOKE RIC 312 D, which comes with optional rechargeability.

Both solutions are created in attractive new designs, offer streaming options, and ensure that users always get the best possible pure and personal sound.

Connectivity also means you can be there remotely

With 2.4 GHz hearing aids, your clients get the best opportunity to personalise sound in the moment with SoundSense Learn. And you get the insights into their hearing choices with Real-Life Insights.

But both of you have the chance to connect face-to-face via a remote connection, too. WIDEX REMOTE CARE  is the final piece of the connectivity puzzle that makes it easy to be there for your client when they can’t make it to your clinic, or simply prefer to explain the challenging listening situation to you while they’re in it. REMOTE CARE is an option for all Widex hearing aids that can be programmed with a PRO LINK – not just 2.4 GHz hearing aids.

With the many possibilities for connecting and improving sound with SoundSense Learn, Real-Life Insights and REMOTE CARE, you can build a stronger relationship with your client where you improve hearing together.

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