Stethoscopes and hearing aids – making them work together

If you’re a medical professional, you may have struggled to combine your stethoscope with your hearing aids.  But new technology is making that easier to do.
One approach is to use Widex’s UNI-DEX in combination with a digital stethoscope like Thinklab’s ONE digital stethoscope. Whether you wear Widex’ UNIQUE, EVOKE, or ITE devices, UNI-DEX allows you to stream sound directly from external sources to your hearing aid.

Plug the UNI-DEX into the digital stethoscope, and you’ll be able to hear a patient’s lungs, heart or intestines in clear, crisp sound.

A digital stethoscope plus a hearing aid

James W. Martin, Jr. of Widex USA says he’s already provided this solution to several medical professionals. “It’s the best solution I have seen in years,” he says.

WIDEX’s True Input Sound hearing aids are a particularly good match for stethoscopes because of their extended frequency range, Martin says. “When you’re listening to the intestines, you can use the lower frequencies, while heart and lungs work well in the medium frequencies. You can customize it the way you want. I’ve seen many medical professionals create their own programs.”

The UNI-DEX can be worn around the neck with a stethoscope tucked into a pocket, Martin says.  

“There are two ways of turning up the volume – you can either do it on the stethoscope or when using the FM-DEX to adjust the level on the device,” Martin says.  “It’s also easy to mute it if they’re in a room with a lot of background noise.”

Wireless solution for hearing aids and stethoscopes

Physicians looking for a wireless solution can opt for the Widex FM-DEX in combination with a digital stethoscope.  Just plug the Widex FM-DEX hearing aid accessory into the input port of the stethoscope.

“One of the great things about this set-up is the part that touches the patient can be ‘gloved’, in other words be put in a sterile covering and be used safely on a number of patients,” Martin says.

Avoids having to remove hearing aid to use stethoscope

The digital stethoscopes and hearing aid combination also makes a good impression on patients, Martin says.

“It looks very cool, very high-tech,” he notes.  

The combination of a hearing aid and a digital stethoscope also makes life easier for the medical professional.

“A lot of physicians have told us they have to take out one of their hearing aids to listen to their stethoscope, and it’s easy to drop or misplace the hearing aid.  And with one hearing aid removed, they don’t get that binaural simulation that they can get with both ears listening to the patient’s organs.”

“This solves that problem, and offers a lot of other benefits too.”

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